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The food as medicine movement
You know the saying, if only there were a magic pill for (fill in the blank). It could be weight loss, a cure to the common cold, lowering your risk of heart disease, the possibilities are endless. While there may not be a magic pill, a new movement is on the rise: Food as Medicine. As Hippocrates put it, “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” The basic idea behind Food as Medicine is that what we eat has... Read more

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BelleHarvest and MFM alliance bringing changes
Several new developments are in place this 2019-20 apple season for BelleHarvest and Michigan Fresh Marketing. BelleHarvest is based in Belding, MI, and Michigan Fresh is in Grand Rapids. This new Inspectra2 apple grader at Belding Fruit Storage, gives internal grading capabilities and UltraView stem cameras. Belding is one of the eight packing facilities operating... Read more

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North Bergen, NJ-based Exp Group LLC will be making its presence known at the 2019 PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim, CA, on Oct.17-19. Its team of executive, sales and marketing personal will be walking the floors, meeting with customers and introducing the company’s impressive line of specialty ethnic items. Attending the show will be; President and Chief Executive... Read more


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The 2019-20 Produce Marketing Association board of directors took office Oct. 17 during PMA’s 2019 Fresh Summit Convention & Expo in Anaheim, CA. New Chair Joe Don Zetzsche, director of floral and BLOOMS for H-E-B, is joined on the board by six other officers and 32 directors. “I am excited for... Read more