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Kathleen Thomas Gaspar

Colorado Sales Manager

A native of Colorado, Kathleen Thomas Gaspar began her career as a journalist in 1978, writing a weekly feature column for The Summit County Journal in Breckenridge, CO. From 1978 through 1991, she edited several newspapers and magazines, including Breckenridge magazine, Summit magazine and a weekly newspaper, The Quandary Times, which she co-founded in the late 1980s. In 1990 she submitted a feature to The Produce News, a lengthy explanation of the annual "tomato wars" waged between Coloradans and Texans who live in the small mountain community of Twin Lakes. Thus began Kathleen's love affair with the produce industry, which she likens to the stock market (for its intensity) and to a large, extended family (for its heart and soul).

She also occasionally likens it to a range war. Mother of two grown sons and married to fly fishing guide Abe Gaspar, Kathleen is grandmother of Lily, Hannah Mae, Milo and Zoe. At the Gaspar home in Hartsel, CO, she enjoys caring for her assortment of pets, and she also spends time in her high- altitude garden. A sometimes-runner, Kathleen takes in the rare air of the Rockies and soaks up the small-town atmosphere. She also continues to write her weekly feature column, launched in 1978 and available for reading on line at