Sev-Rend is on trend

Diverse packaging that has blossomed over the last two years for the national potato industry has played a significant role in the growth of Sev-Rend Corp.

Based in Collinsville, IL, the packaging company is providing a wide variety of products to potato packers, according to Jeff Watkin, graphics and marketing manager.Sev-Rend Pouch ClearView-for-web

The popularity of mini-potatoes has been a boon to tag and netting sales for potato handlers, Watkin said. Sev-Rend is also serving the microwave potato packaging business.

The versatility of Sev-Rend’s pouch bags has not been lost on potato companies.

Watkin added that potato customers have brought Sev-Rend into the realm of mail-order meals. Those small portions need packaging similar to — but smaller — versions of what goes onto retail shelves.

“The sweet potato industry over the last five years has also become a healthy market for us,” Watkin said. Netting bags and microwavable packaging is popular in the sweet potato, as well as Irish potato, category.

Two or three sweet potatoes packed in a convenient microwavable pouch are very well-received [by consumers], he said. These potatoes are “scrubbed clean” by the packer and ready to be cooked by those who don’t savor kitchen patrol.

Greg Petermeyer, Sev-Rend’s general manager, added that “people are like meals-on-line.” The convenience of buying a main dish, starch and dessert in one package is popular with consumers.

Petermeyer said Sev-Rend has the experienced and specialized staff to help companies with conceptual and package design.

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