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NMB awards the top mango displays across the U.S.
The results are in for the National Mango Board’s ninth annual Mango Mania Display Contest. Participating retailers built impressive, eye-catching displays for at least one week during the month of June 2019 to delight and educate consumers in grocery stores nationwide. Over $1,500 in cash incentives were awarded to the winning stores. Every store was a winner of a $15 digital gift card just by entering the contest. Plus,... Read more

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Clearing berries is the hallmark for The Perishable Specialist’s success
The Perishable Specialist is a custom broker operating out of Doral, FL, specializing in fruits and vegetables. Being so close to Miami and the port, the company has been successful operating as a 24/7/365 operation for more than a decade. The 17-year-old company is licensed as a customs broker by U.S. Customs & Border Protection, a division of the Department... Read more

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Quality good, sizing mixed on early harvest of Idaho russets at Wada Farms
“It is still very early, but quality looks to be good, yields seem to be off a little, and sizing is a little mixed,” Kevin Stanger, president of Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC in Idaho Falls, ID, told The Produce News as the 2019 Idaho potato harvest was getting under way. The Russet Norkotah harvest had been going a week or so in the earliest areas. “We just... Read more


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California Table Grape Commission hires marketing director of category management
David Dudley is the new marketing director of category management for the California Table Grape Commission. Dudley’s responsibilities include expanding the retail demand for California table grapes in the U.S. and Canada through enhanced category management. “We are very excited to welcome David to... Read more