Big Y exec breaks new ground
Theresa A. Jasmin has joined Big Y Foods as chief financial officer following the recent retirement of William T. Mahoney. She is responsible for the company’s strategic planning, finance, accounting, treasury and tax functions. As a senior member of the executive team, she reports to Charles L. D’Amour, president and CEO along with Read More ...
Homegrown Organic Farms bolsters sales staff
Homegrown Organic Farms has added two new members to its sales team: Amanda Vietti and Stefaun Avakian. Both Vietti and Avakian will be operating as sales account mangers for the company.  Vietti has been with the company since December 2019 and prior to that was a sales associate with another San Joaquin Valley produce Read More ...
Peri & Sons minimizing environmental impact
Peri & Sons Farms has recently made a change to its packaging that is allowing the Yerington, NV-based company to save a whole lot of material, which means limiting what’s going into landfills. “Little changes can have a big impact,” said Jessica Peri, retail sales manager for the company. “That’s why we are advancing our Read More ...
Surge in dual-channel grocery shopping
Dual-channel shopping is becoming more common, particularly among younger shoppers, according to a study put out by the Retail Feedback Group. The report, 2020 U.S. Online & In-Store Grocery Shopping Study, provides insight from both online and in-store supermarket shoppers, collected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, Read More ...
USDA files action against Texas company for PACA violations
As part of its efforts to enforce the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act and ensure fair trading practices within the U.S. produce industry, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has filed an administrative complaint against LoneStar Produce Express LLC. The company, operating from Texas, allegedly failed to make Read More ...
Webinar details keys to success for mangos
As the industry learns the many subtleties of mangos and then applies specific terminology to mango trade, the fruit’s sales can climb even faster. These matters involve varieties, sources, maturity and ripening, and certainly target the fruit’s ultimate use. This was detailed in an information-packed 70-minute webinar Read More ...
Publix, Wegmans and Trader Joe's ranked top supermarkets
Publix has been named to Newsweek’s 2020 America’s Best Customer Service list, ranking No. 1 in the brick and mortar supermarket category. Wegmans and Trader Joe's came in second and third respectively. Costco, Meijer and BJ's were named as the top three for brick and mortar superstores and warehouse club stores. Taking Read More ...

The weather in the United States is mostly calm now; however, there are areas with heavy rains on the southeastern coastal regions of the U.S. and Mexico.weat

There are two separate storms converging over southern Mexico this week. One storm has formed off the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico while the other is sitting just off the coast of Guatemala in the Pacific Ocean. The combined power of these two storms will produce heavy showers over southern Mexico, northern Guatemala and the Bay of Campeche. Expect flooding and mudslides, especially in the mountainous regions of Mexico and Guatemala.

Over the next three days expect rain totals in excess of six inches in some of the lime- and pineapple-growing regions in the Mexican states of Tabasco and Oaxaca.

The storm off the Pacific coast has the potential to become a tropical depression and possibly form a cyclone. This storm will continue in a west-northwest direction at approximately 10 miles per hour, hugging the coast of Mexico possibly bringing rain and wind to the other states along the Mexican coast over the next few days.

If this storm continues its current path it may move into the coastal states of Michoacán and Colima later in the week, which can cause issues with products grown in these regions, including limes, bananas and berries.

There is a large storm moving across the southern coastal regions today, bringing heavy rains to Arkansas and southern Georgia.

Expect Arkansas to receive well above two inches of rain while Moultrie, GA, will see approximately 1.5 inches.

Along with the rain will come cooler temperatures. Minimum temps in Georgia will drop by 20 degrees tomorrow night, going to a low of 70 tonight to a low of 49 tomorrow. These cold temps will continue through Thursday night before gradually warming again starting Friday. Temperatures will rise over the weekend before cooling off again early next week.

The Weathermelon app offers consolidated lists of global growing regions for each commodity; a 10-day detail forecast for each region; current radar maps (U.S. only); estimated harvest start/end dates for each commodity; monthly average high/low temps for each region; and custom daily alerts for temperature, precipitation and severe weather based on 10-day forecasts.

(David Robidoux is a co-founder Weathermelon)

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