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Rain returning to California, blueberries catching cold
After a weekend of beautiful weather in California, the winter storm pattern that the state saw for the last two months will return this week. As of right now there are three storms lined up out in the Pacific with potential to bring rain and cold weather. The first and best chance of rain will be tomorrow. Rain totals will be anywhere from 0.25 inches to an... Read more
Southeast to get hit with rain, cold temps
A low pressure trough will come through Florida this weekend bringing rain and cooler temps starting Sunday. Temperatures will drop by 10 to 15 degrees across the board and the rain will stay around through Wednesday of next week. Immokalee will drop from a high today of 88 to a high of 70 next Tuesday with minimum temps in the mid-50s all next week. They... Read more
Get ready to promote domestic peaches and blueberries for Easter
Warmer temps are coming back to Florida next week. This week has been on the cool side due a cold air mass that was sitting over the Southeast. This cold air has moved on and warmer temps are returning. By Sunday the areas of Belle Glade, Immokalee, Homestead and Plant City will all see high temps in the upper 80s and even some 90s on Monday and Tuesday. Minimum... Read more
Citrus and berry harvest to be affected by California rains
A big storm is coming to California today. The San Joaquin Valley will receive two to 2.5 inches over the next three days. This will hamper harvesting of citrus coming from the southern part of valley. The coastal regions will be hit hard today and tomorrow with rain totals from 1.5 inches up to three inches depending the growing location. Harvests should be... Read more
Massive flooding in California
March will be an important month in California as cherry and stone fruit trees begin to blossom, and planting of summer veg in Salinas gets under way. It will be interesting to see if the wet and cold winter continues into March, disrupting plantings and fruit development, which could lead to supply issues later in the spring and summer.    CALIFORNIA... Read more
Plenty of water for California crops
Snow totals are above average in most of the west. The highest snow to water totals are in California's Sierra Nevada mountains, which is great news for farmers of the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys. The mountain ranges in Colorado and Utah, which supply water to the desert growing regions of southern California and Arizona, are also above average... Read more
Cooldown begins in Florida, continues in Culiacan
Florida will continue its heat spell through this Sunday with highs in the upper 80s and lows in the mid- to upper 60s. Starting next Monday, Feb 25 things will begin to cool off with high temps only reaching in the low 80s with some possible 70s early next week in most growing regions. Low temps will decrease as well only getting into the low 60s. By Saturday,... Read more
Freezing temps in the San Joaquin Valley could damage tree fruit, almonds
More freezing temps are hitting the San Joaquin Valley this week -- and are expected to last all week. Look for issues to the citrus harvest and any veg that may be coming from these regions such as asparagus and broccoli. Another major issue they may come from these freezes is damage to the early flowering of almonds and peaches. As we move into the second... Read more
Florida heats up while Culiacan cools down
Florida saw rain on Wednesday, as well as lower temps for the day. Today things are back to normal but get ready for the heat coming next week. Starting this Sunday and continuing all next week temps will be well above normal in Florida. Belle Glade, Homestead, Immokalee will all see max temps in the upper 80 degrees, with some isolated 90s and mins in the upper... Read more
California rains continue to play havoc on markets
As the rain continues in California the markets also continue their march higher. All commodities currently coming from the coastal regions of California have seen excessive rain over the past month leading to decreased supplies and major issues with quality. Strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes and celery have all seen prices rise again this past week... Read more
Cool temps continue in California
Cool weather continues all this week in California. Although the rain has stopped for now the cool temperatures have remained and will stick around into next week. Oxnard and Santa Maria will experience maximum temps in the mid-50s through the weekend and all next week. Minimum temps will range from the high 30s into the upper 40s over the next 10 days. This... Read more
Coldest temps of the year to hit California
California's storms started last Friday evening and brought rain off and on through yesterday afternoon. The heaviest rains occurred on Saturday, and now the coldest temperatures of the winter are coming to California this week. Overall Oxnard received over three inches of rain; this is a main region for strawberries right now along with celery, cabbage and... Read more
California storms to hit strawberries, heat wave could give Chile the blues
Don’t expect strawberries out of California for Valentine’s Day. Rain began in earnest yesterday in coastal California; things are expected to get worse throughout the weekend. Strawberries and other items out of Oxnard, Santa Maria and Irvine are expected to be greatly affected. Yesterday’s storm was actually bigger than originally anticipated. Oxnard was predicted... Read more
Florida showers, fun ends in California, cooldown in Culiacan
Florida definitely got a good amount of rain over the weekend with some locations getting over four inches. The heaviest rains came Saturday night into Sunday morning. According to the National Weather Service, Belle Glade received 3.5 inches of rain between Saturday and Sunday. Immokalee received over four inches of rain, and Plant City, which wasn’t expecting... Read more
Strawberry volumes to jump, rain could affect Florida veg
Things have changed greatly in Florida since Tuesday. All major growing regions in southern Florida are expected to see rain all weekend with totals between two and four inches, depending upon location. Crops such as Bell peppers, cukes, tomatoes, green beans and corn are coming from these areas. Supplies may be affected. Belle Glade yesterday saw about 0.75... Read more
A week without weather issues
Things are fairly calm around the United States and in Mexico this week with no major weather issues to report. Florida saw cold temps Sunday night into Monday morning, with Immokalee getting down to 39 early Monday morning while Belle Glade saw a low of 40 and Plant City a low of 36. Florida will warm up today and tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the warmest day... Read more
California drying out, cooler temps for Florida
This Sunday expect cold temperatures to hit the entire state of Florida along with some rain in the southern growing regions. The central peninsula regions of Plant City and Lakeland, where strawberries are coming from right now, will see the coldest temps getting down to 38 on Sunday night. This region will also see winds of up to 25 miles per hour on Sunday.... Read more
 Parade of rain in California, Florida's strange weather continues
The strange weather in Florida continues with rain and cold temps coming on Sunday, and the biggest grouping of storms to hit California in several years is now upon us.  California's rain began Monday in earnest and will continue off and on before clearing out Friday.    The most intense locations for rain from these storms will be in the areas... Read more
Rain to hit California, Florida's roller coaster continues
Rain is coming to California, but the rain predicted for Mexico from these same storms had pretty much fizzled out. In Florida the roller coaster continues with unstable temperatures.  The coastal growing regions of California will see the most rain while the deserts will stay relatively dry. Depending on locations throughout the state you may... Read more
Extended rain coming to California, Culiacan returns to normal temps
A couple nights of cool weather are coming to Florida this week and next, and a significant amount of rain is coming to California and Baja California Mexico next week. After 10 days of extreme cold in the state of Sinaloa, temps are finally back to normal, but reduced supplies are coming from the region. This Wednesday and Thursday, Florida can expect... Read more