Crunch Out campaign: 'Crunch carrots, conquer chaos'

The newly formed California Crunch, Crunch, Crunch Council announced its new advertising campaign, Crunch Out, to reintroduce consumers to a whole new appeal for fresh carrots. The objective of the fictitious, tongue-in-cheek new council and the multi-media campaign, a brainchild of the California Fresh Carrot Advisory Board and Fortnight Collective is to re-engage consumers in the carrot category, inspiring them to revisit the simple pleasures of carrots and enjoy them more often and in new, more compelling ways. The CFCAB will preview the campaign at the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit in Anaheim, CA.Crunch-Out

"Jeff [Huckaby, president of Grimmway Farms] and I started talking about six months ago about the opportunity to create some more excitement in the carrot category around some campaignable ideas and then having the industry partner to drive innovation in the category," said Jeff Dunn, chief executive officer of Bolthouse Farms.

"We look at carrots, broadly that it's not just one individual company so how can we get people excited about carrots. There are so many different carrots out there," said Huckaby.

As consumers continue to look for ways to include more fresh vegetables in their diets, the four members of the California Fresh Carrot Advisory Board — B&P Packing, Bolthouse Farms, Grimmway Farms and Kern Ridge Growers —  have come together to bring excitement to the fresh carrot category. Seeking to take carrots out from the bottom refrigerator drawer, onto the center plate and into culture, the Crunch Out campaign will help to remind consumers of one of the world's original, simplest, most versatile foods through its distinct and conspicuous crunch.

"Carrots are one of the original fresh produce snacks, we're just trying to reinvent it," said Huckaby.

“The Crunch Out campaign aims to get people excited about carrots again,” said Nathan Sano, manager of CFCAB. “We want to remind consumers what carrots can do to enhance their lives by bringing energy and humor to the category.”

The Crunch Out campaign is based on the simple idea that crunching carrots conquers chaos. In an over-stimulated, over-complicated, over-opinionated, over-innovated, over-hyped, instantly-gratifying culture, crunching into a carrot can take you to a place of calm.

"One of the core attributes of carrots is their crunchiness and their versatility and they work all these different use occasions so as a campaign we can do fun cultural stuff," said Dunn.

Crunch Out is a fully integrated campaign and will include outdoor, print, transit, digital, PR and social media. Soft launching at PMA Fresh Summit, the California Crunch, Crunch, Crunch Council is sponsoring the Crunch Out Station in the Grand Plaza exhibition area in front of the Anaheim Convention Center featuring examples of advertising and other information about the campaign. Crunch Out will be launched in early 2020.

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