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Covilli Brand Organics expanding line and Fair Trade program

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The Produce News made a number or reporting errors or was vague in a recent story featuring Covilli Brand Organics Inc., which is located in Nogales, AZ.

The firm is working with five Mexican organic citrus growers. Two of these are in the southern Mexico states of Veracruz and Yucatan. These growers ship Persian limes year-round and they will have Key limes and lemons later this year. Covilli also works with three citrus growers from Guaymas, Sonora. They are shipping Valencias now and next season will have much larger volumes from young plantings of Navels, red and white grapefruit. Their orchards were certified organic and food-safe at the end of December.IMG 2026

Covilli has a new organic pineapple deal that is sourced only from Oaxaca and not also Veracruz, as reported.

Covilli’s entire farming operation in Guaymas has been GFS-, Fair Trade- and organic-certified. Its warehouse is organic- and GFS-certified but not Fair Trade-certified. The growers that Covilli is working with are all organic- and GFS-, but not Fair Trade-certified.

Iris Montaño-Madrigal, the firm’s marketing manager was quoted as saying a large part of Mexico’s indigenous population has chronic illness because they live in towns that “have no big stores. They shop in little stores that offer no water. But they sell soda and juice.”

She clarified that “this situation is specific to our migrant farmworker population and the town where the farm is, where small stores are what’s available where you sometimes won’t find water but only juices and sodas, which in turn reflects on the health of our farmworkers. I would never venture to make such a statement in reference to the entire indigenous population of such a vast country as Mexico. Plus I am certain this is not the case, just like anyone who’s traveled through the country could confirm.”