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Haun Packing sees ‘good, normal volume’ to cover season

With “everything in that will get in,” Haun Packing’s GM/Vice President Herb Haun said the week before Thanksgiving that his operation is moving a normal crop with good quality and sizing.

haun-packing-potato-and-onionAt the Weiser, ID, office, Haun Packing’s GM/Vice President Herb Haun works the sales desk, and Food Safety Manager Laura Molina oversees protocol and training at the farm and shed levels.“We’ll still go into April as we normally do,” Haun said from his Weiser, ID, facility. He added that the reduction in volume for the Idaho-E. Oregon region’s onion season brings the year more in line with a historical average. Last year’s bumper crop also brought more colossals to the market, he said, and this year’s sizing has fewer colossals and more mediums. The volume of jumbos is about the same for both years, he said.

“We have adequate supplies of all colors,” Haun said.

Haun Packing was seeing a good Thanksgiving pull, and Hawn said demand was strong across the board with perhaps an edge to medium yellows. As for market segment, he said demand was good at retail and foodservice, with “maybe a little more from foodservice as people are eating out a bit more during the holidays,” adding that continued holiday demand is expected for both colossals and mediums.

Commenting on the season, which kicked off with a cold, wet and somewhat late planting and moved on to similar conditions during harvest, Haun said the growers and crews handled the challenges. “We don’t have any changes planned for our program in 2020,” he said.

That program includes exports to Mexico, which Haun said could increase in 2020.

Haun Packing also has developed a comprehensive food-safety program, with Laura Molina overseeing the protocol at both the shed and farm levels.