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Borquez’ accountability wins for all

Maintaining a high level of accountability for all aspects of a vertically-integrated produce business is not limited as an ideal for Borquez Exports LLC. The values carried by the family business are meaningful to customers and their customers, according to Pablo Borquez.

“It is very important to our customers,” he noted.

Borquez’ family started farming in Sonora’s Yaqui valley 100 years ago. Pablo Borquez started his own business, Campos Borquez, 33 years ago. Beginning with 43 acres of asparagus, the firm grew to produce about three million boxes of asparagus, grapes, and celery.

Borquez-harvestIn Obregon, Sonora, Borquez farms maintains this regenerative soil facility and a worm farm where the soil is cultivated and regenerated to go back into the soil on the farms for growing fruit and vegetables.In a new effort toward extending from being a grower to a fresh produce distributor, Borquez Exports, the firm’s sales wing, recently opened an office in Scottsdale, AZ.

Working with Pablo Borquez are his sons, Sergio and Alvaro. Pablo Borquez is the firm’s CEO and head of sales. Sergio is the CFO and Alvaro is the sales executive.

While growers, broadly speaking, haven’t always considered environmental or socially-responsible matters in their operations, such interests have always been important to the Borquez family. “My father and grandfather did the right things and I want my children and grandchildren to see this is the only way.”

Such efforts are the not only proper, but ultimately “align us for long-term success. We don’t do it for profit this season, but for the long-term. We do Fairtrade and produce organic produce because of our convictions. We have the best practices for our land and our people. The certifications we have are a way of communicating with the final consumer. We want to give the best service to the customer and do what is right for them. In this industry, it’s important to work with a lot of pride. Our name is at stake and we try to have those high values and be accountable for what we do. We live and work through our values.”

In working with Borquez customers, "We are very proud, and we want to show transparency. We have transparency all the way back to the farm. We have accountability. And they love it.”

With this, he added, “it is also very good for the farmer to be in contact with the market and the end client.”

Borquez said his family’s organic farming reflects their philosophy of life. The efforts involve regenerative agriculture, with all inputs into the soil being organic. "Soil that is treated properly offers higher yields over time. When you give love to the land you get more in return."

Borquez Exports supplies asparagus 12 months a year with stronger volumes at peak seasons - Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The Borquez family long ago was forced from the Yaqui Valley to Caborca – in northern Sonora - during Mexico’s Agrarian Reform. But in recent years, Pablo Borquez has re-established a family production presence in Obregon, in the Yaqui Valley. The firm started harvesting its young Obregon vineyards in 2016. “We were the first to put grapes in the area,” Sergio Borquez noted. The Obregon vineyard now has 700 acres of grapes. The family has 800 acres of vineyards in Caborca.

This prime southern location permits an early production of fresh Early Sweet grapes followed through the Sonoran grape deal with Sugar Drop, and, for red seedless, Flames and Passion Fire. Obregon’s grape harvest typically begins around April 20.

Borquez Exports’ celery program starts in December, running until early May. Most of the celery production is organic and Fairtrade certified. It is sold in various formats and packages.

In 2021, Borquez will begin shipping organic and Fairtrade Mexican avocados.