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Ruiz Sales looks forward to answering call for quality in 2020

Ruiz Sales, an Edinburg, TX-based importer and distributor of tropical fruits from Mexico, with an emphasis on Persian limes, is looking forward to meeting the demand for top-quality produce in 2020.

Citing data that show consumers are more educated and discerning than ever, Richard Ruiz, president of Ruiz Sales, said it is more important than ever to provide the best quality produce possible, while also ensuring full traceability back to the source.

IMG 1135006A shopper peruses a display of Ruiz Sales two-pound bagged limes at a retail store in Edinburg, TX.“According to a Whole Foods Market survey that was published last year, 80 percent of millennials value quality, and nearly 70 percent are willing to spend more money on high-quality foods,” said Ruiz. “A majority of millennials want to know where their food comes from and how it is sourced. Transparency in food sourcing is important to more than 65 percent of millennials. That is why we stand behind our premium quality Ruiz Sales “Fresh Health” brand limes from Mexico in two-, three- and five-pound bags, which meets the high-tech traceability standard that is in demand from today’s highly intelligent consumers that drive today’s purchasing decisions.”

Ruiz said that for those suppliers willing to make the investment in producing high-quality and traceable foods, the best days are ahead. He said consumers often contact him to inquire where they can purchase Ruiz Sales limes after they find lesser-quality limes on the shelves of their local retailer.

“Recently, one Corpus Christi customer contacted me and said that now she knows there is a difference in quality in limes,” he said. “She now demands the Ruiz Sales limes and will pay the price for the higher-quality lime that satisfies her needs. This is a win-win situation, because she can be assured of high-quality and safe product, and it results in repeat business for Ruiz Sales.”

Ruiz also touted the Rio Grande Valley and its importance to the North American and global produce industry. He said the United States must continue to be vigilant with immigration reform to keep the area safe.

“Due to its strategic location that saves freight costs and increases sales, the Rio Grande Valley has become the major point of entry for produce, industrial products and other products that are shipped to the United States, Canada, Mexico, China and other world nations,” he said.

“That’s why it is so important to maintain the safety and security of the area to continue to attract investors. The Trump administration has been working hard to keep the area safe for today’s residents and for future generations of families. We must know at all times who is coming into the country to ensure that they will not be a danger to our communities and families. That is why I support the reelection of President Trump in 2020. He will continue to keep us safe while also creating jobs and keeping our economy strong.”

Ruiz is also a strong supporter of the Produce for Better Health Foundation and has earned an Industry Role Model Award from the organization for eight straight years for his steadfast efforts to increase produce consumption. He said he looks forward to the annual PBH Consumer Connection conference this April in Scottsdale, AZ.

“I am humbled to ask the produce industry to join Ruiz Sales in being part the most efficient organization — the Produce for Better Health Foundation,” he said. “Wendy [Kapsak Reinhardt] and her great team do a fantastic job connecting with today’s demanding millennial consumer by providing recipes and information about the health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. Increasing produce consumption is the most important thing we can do as an industry, because a healthier America means less disease and illness, which will lower health care costs and reduce the financial burden on our society.”