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Three keys to Inline Plastics containers — leak resistance, tamper-evidence and extended shelf life

Inline Plastics has a dedicated, state-of-the-art innovation center that is home to a strong R&D team. Recent product launches include the PagodaWare and SnackWare lines that are unique in their own right.

“PagodaWare has an upscale flavor and the SnackWare offers multi-compartments that fit many types of grab-and-go foods,” said Cindy Blish, brand and communications manager for the Shelton, CT-based company. “The newest product, Snackers, are mini SquareWare containers. They are sold in two- to six-ounce sizes and are super convenient for snacks and dips.”

The company’s Safe-T-Fresh brand offers many value-adds to fresh produce products with an extensive variety of container options.

SNACKS-PROPS “The vast number of sizes and shapes available means produce companies can always find what they need,” Blish said. “Included in that line are over 100 SKUs that include its industry-standard, tamper-evident tear-strip technology.”

She explained that the rigid containers offer both greater protection of the contents, and the product clarity vastly improves the merchandising opportunities for retailers.

“Consumers want their food to be visible; they want to be sure the food looks fresh,” she said.

“Our tamper-evident, leak-resistant packaging keeps produce both secure and fresh during all the transfers between processor and consumer.”

Additionally, Inline Plastics has an extensive portfolio of vented containers designed for foods that require more airflow to allow for outgassing.

Some 10 years ago, the company made the decision to begin transitioning to more environmentally-friendly raw materials and moved almost exclusively to PET. That led to the development of DPET (a direct-to-sheet process) which requires less energy to produce.

“We are now working with rDPET — post-industrial recycled DPET,” Blish said. “With each step, we are reducing waste, lowering the carbon (now 68 percent lower than standard PET), but doing all of this without any reduction in quality, clarity, and uniformity.”

Inline Plastics’ efforts also go beyond raw materials to it overall operations.

“We installed solar panels on our headquarters manufacturing facility in Connecticut that generate 15 percent of our energy supply,” Blish said. “Additionally, all of our products include a ‘Please Recycle Me’ message to stimulate consumers to reduce waste, since 100 percent of our product line is recyclable.”

According to Inline’s team, successful produce containers need three key features — leak resistance, tamper-evidence, and an ability to extend shelf life.

“Consumers want to transport, store and re-seal produce containers without the fear of messy leaks or spills,” Blish said. “They also want produce to be fresh, and know it’s safe.”

As the economy expands, there are more players and competitors entering the marketplace and Blish noted those companies recognize the growing demand for food safety and are racing to try and copy Inline’s tamper-evident technology.

“While they struggle to catch up, we continue to innovate,” she said.

“2020 is going to be a big year for Inline. Our Safe-T-Fresh line is a patented technology and still considered the best in the marketplace, and we plan to continue leading the way.”

The marketplace is ripe for new ideas and growth, which is why in the coming year, Inline plans to continue to refresh and extend its Safe-T-Fresh line, as well as launch its first ever Party Platters that include its tamper-evident technology.

“Produce companies need packaging partners that understand their unique needs. Inline continues to offer innovative technologies that create high-quality containers that protect fragile produce and extend the shelf life, while enhancing merchandising opportunities,” Blish said. “And we’re doing this with post-consumer raw materials. Inline also offers the customer service produce companies need, with a 99 percent fill rate.”