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Everything is Better in Bananavision

Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. Inc. is inviting consumers to have a fun-filled Halloween and look on the lighter side of life this year by embracing the idea that everything is Better in Bananavision. As part of its annual fall campaign, Del Monte Fresh Produce will be celebrating one of America’s favorite holidays with a creative new theme: Better in Bananavision, a positive state of mind where even everyday tasks are fun, highlighting one of the most popular fruits of North American consumers.delm

Throughout the coming months, banana lovers everywhere will be invited to share Del Monte Fresh Produce’s branded social media content with their friends and “banana bunch” through tagging and submitting their photos and entering for the opportunity to win on Instagram. Consumers who participate in 2019’s Better in Bananavision campaign will have the chance to win a variety of exciting prizes, including banana costumes and custom-edited Banana-Vision’d photos, as well as a grand prize of cooking classes from Sur La Table, kitchenware appliances and gadgets.

“Every year, our October banana campaign gives us the opportunity to connect with hundreds of thousands of our consumers,” said Dennis Christou, vice president of marketing, Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. Inc. “We love having the opportunity to have fun with our consumer base, and feel that encouraging consumers to look on the lighter side of life is part of inspiring a healthy lifestyle — this is what Better in Bananavision is all about. We’re inviting everyone to join the fun, as our bananas will have promotional stickers showing our consumers how they can get involved all October long.”

Del Monte Fresh Produce plans to award consumers with hundreds of banana costumes throughout the campaign in time for Halloween, celebrating its quality Del Monte banana program, which delivers premium produce that consistently exceeds the highest standards and meets the varied needs of consumers on a year-round basis. Better in Bananavision takes place from Sept. 16–Oct. 31 and is part of Del Monte Fresh Produce’s ongoing goal of promoting healthy lifestyles through wholesome and convenient products. For more details on the Better in Bananavision campaign, consumers can follow along on Instagram @delmontefresh.